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General Information.

Game Developer

I am a programmer with over 10 years of experience. Also I am fond of various competitive events such as ACM ICPC. My primary tools are Unity and C#.


I am a Senior student at Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan majoring in Computer Science. Before that I studied at Nazarbayev Intellectual School.


I am a passionate gamer including not only PC, mobile or console games but also some sport ones such as soccer, basketball and table tennis.


My works and projects.


My life in years.

  • 1995

    Hello World

    I was born on April 28 as the first child in my family in a small town Aqmola in Kazakhstan. Later on this location has been renamed to Astana and has become a capital of my country. At five I was very passionate about geography and even scrutinized the names of all the countries' capitals. Also I was kin on drawing, singing, car toys and lego. As a kid I wanted to become a TV programs developer.

  • 2002-2013

    School Years

    I have changed a lot of schools, but the most memorable experience I had is the teachers. I still remember my Arts teacher in the 27th school, Informatics teacher in the 60th school, Maths and Physics teachers in the Nazarbayev Intellectual School. I am very proud to be a student of them. Thanks! Oh, I have graduated with a golden medal (also known as Altyn belgy).

  • 2007

    First Code

    One of the girls I knew said she knew how to make games. As an addicted by this entertainment kid, I really wanted to learn it, so she recommended me a Visual Basic book. The story tells that even today I don't know this language, but the journey began and I've learned C++. Interesting fact is that I had no access to the Internet, so I had no compilers and all the codes were "checked and ran" in my head.

  • 2011

    First Job

    As a 10th grade student and already an experienced programmer (including medals in various IT olympiads), I wanted some real industry practice. Thus, my friend and colleague has given me a chance to develop a navigational app in Open Technologies Group for a huge shopping and entertainment center, namely, Khan Shatyr. Every day thousands of Astana guests use this app to find various shops or other locations inside of this building.

  • 2013-2017

    University Years

    These are one of the most impressive years in my life. So many incredible people around, so many ideas, so much experience and inspiration. Nazarbayev University has improved my knowledge of Computer Science and given me a lot of opportunities including my experience at IBM Hulsey, UK in 2016. I will definitely miss this period.

  • 2014-Today

    New Era

    Today I am a professional game developer who intends to create his own huge game company. I mostly develop for mobile platforms such as Android or iOS, but still love making PC games, especially with my lovely team.

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